01 Frequency conversion heating technology

Based on the new frequency technology to achieve 900cc large flow clean cleaning, cleaning more thoroughly, combined with silver ion medical grade sterilization nozzle.

◆ 1 second hot: variable frequency instantaneous heating, you can enjoy warm water cleaning.

◆ Source of living water: the use of living water heating, no need to wait, not easy to breed bacteria.

◆ Sprinkler self-cleaning: before and after the use of the nozzle will be self-cleaning.

02 Drying resistance sterilization technology

In the drying gun added 11 re-resistance to kill mycelium, to prevent the drying gun for a long time to breed bacteria, in the process of drying into the human body anus, there are 11 strong resistance to kill mycelium strong protection will be more "net" step.

03 Waterway three valve technology

Industry in the smart toilet water control valve in two, shunt valve and solenoid valve, and the diversion valve has long been eliminated, but throw some companies in the special products to increase the diversion valve to control costs. Solenoid valve is the industry's general control valve.

Solenoid valve has several problems:

◆ Is not effective in controlling water quality

◆ Is not effective in controlling waterways

◆ Is not effective in controlling throttling

◆ Is not effective in controlling water leakage, dripping and other issues

◆ Is not effective in controlling the water problem

◆ Cleaning gun 2 - 3 years after the emergence of no water or poor water and other issues.

Therefore, the wisdom of learning from the taps of the ceramic technology research and development, although the ceramic valve did not dare to ensure that the above problems foolproof, so the basis of the ceramic valve plus solenoid valve and pressure relief valve, three valves at the same time work, effectively curb the above problem. And access to national patent technology, industry unique.

04 Free switch flush mode technology

The traditional smart toilet flush mode is divided into two kinds:

◆ Super siphon type

◆ 3D super siphon type

ZXUAN in the traditional basis, the use of three-valve water control system as a fundamental, adding electric double-assist technology. The creation of three kinds of flushing system free to switch the first of its kind. Just a long key, hear the sensor to the beep of the sound can be switched successfully. And Zhixuan is breaking through the automatic switching of the top technology, that is, when the smart toilet encountered when the water pressure can be automatically switched at the same time.

3D super siphon: 7 seconds, 7 seconds, 5 seconds
Turbine power flush: 8 seconds, 9 seconds, 5 seconds
5D super help rinse: 10 seconds, 7 seconds, 9 seconds

05 Electric double red technology

When the three flush mode start, rinse the homeopathic, the auxiliary system to start, strong flushing dirt, electric double red design, optimize the water flow path, small red more water, big red more vigorous, just 3L water You can achieve 6 liters of water flushing effect.

06 Electrolytic sterilization technology

When the three-valve technology is started, the waterway through the three-valve control to remove impurities and other heterogeneous into the electrolytic sterilization tube, electrolysis produce sterilization effect of oxidative ions, to clean, sterilization effect.

07 KDF Sulfite Composite Technology

Using high-tech copper-zinc alloy nano-KDF device + calcium sulfite composite filter, layers of raw water in the large particles of impurities, bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

08 Double net row bacteria technology

Micro-fluorescent bacteria network double protection, completely remove the filter leak, will not filter clean impurities, stains, rust, sediment contained in the water bacteria tube, completely removed by the resistance wire.

18 cutting-edge technology

01 Sterilization technology of medical grade ultraviolet nozzle

Medical grade UV nozzle sterilization technology experience the "new net sector": in the current smart toilet nozzle self-cleaning technology on the basis of Zhixuan more "net" step, the first use of medical grade UV nozzle sterilization technology, effective removal of bacteria and dirt, To meet your luxury bathroom products, the pursuit of luxury.

02 High - tech ceramic valve technology

Break through the traditional design draws on the mature technology of the faucet, successfully developed the cleaning control valve, the ceramic valve waterway control system works like the faucet spool, he replaces the shunt valve and the solenoid valve. Easy to solve the industry common problem nozzle, leaking, no water and other issues. This valve life of more than 300,000 times, apply for and won the national invention patents and utility model patents.

03 Zero touch technology

Just toe touch, you can achieve flushing, clamshell function, the complete liberation of hands, the real "Chinese children do not bend over" ambition.

04 Well-designed

Design people-oriented, the use of core technology, the application of modern design concepts to the ultimate line of elegance, highlight the smart life of noble taste, elegant temperament, to bring you unlimited life fun.

05 Automatic decompression technology

Monitoring the water pressure is stable, less than 0.8KG, the automatic sensor to adjust the water pressure to ensure that the water tank and the use of ceramic cleaning water and pressure to make different areas, in the case of low water pressure may not need to install booster pump.

06Eight heavy protection technology

Anti-leakage, anti-overheating, high pressure and other eight protection measures, layers of strict control to ensure man-machine safety.

07 Chenghua microcomputer control technology

Based on the leading industry standard microcomputer control technology, and the motherboard into one, bid farewell to the industry cumbersome parts, the machine thin and thin, and simplify.

08 Titanium alloy spray bar technology

"Titanium" is today's astronomical science, marine science and nuclear power generation and other cutting-edge science and technology, industrial indispensable materials, titanium and spray rods combined, highlighting the wisdom of engineers outstanding technology, titanium spray Rods are used in smart toilet, not only stylish and beautiful, but also more toughness, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high stability, high strength, good flexibility, etc., ergonomic. Titanium on the human body non-toxic, without any radiation, keep the nozzle bright as new, never rust, to prevent the nozzle bacteria breeding. Fully embodies the wisdom of the pursuit of excellence in the quality of the firm.

09To help detoxification

Rapid flow of water through the anus into the rectum, with a good Runchang, softening effect will be so that the bowel more easily, no constipation, detoxification, from the help began.

10 Water and electricity isolation

Based on the leading industry standard microcomputer control technology, and the motherboard into one, bid farewell to the industry cumbersome parts, the machine thin and thin, and simplify.

11 Wide seat design

Cover plate, seat ring with a layered design, thereby reducing the thickness of the cover to increase the area of the inner ring ring. The front of the upper shell is deliberately designed for the body of a little fat, not only beautiful fashion, but also to sit more spacious and comfortable.

12Fully automatic

Automatic cleaning function, taking full account of the elderly easy to use only by a button from the cleaning to complete the entire package of comfortable service, the design more humane. Use more simple and more convenient.

13 The best rapid drying technology

The first use of movable square drying pipe out of the wind, combined with Hengyang 9733 fan big mouth by the outlet, stable performance, the amount of wind, mobile stretching with the use of steel belt pulling mechanism, steel belt life is much larger than the rubber track The combination of drying time to shorten more than 3 times. The industry's only real can quickly dry the smart toilet.

14 7 big security protection

15Bamboo charcoal deodorant

China's first use of bamboo charcoal deodorant device, with a strong adsorption of bamboo charcoal than activated carbon 20 times, but also deodorant, dehumidification, radiation and other effects, so that fresh and pleasant indoor air.

16 ZXUAN rinse

ZXUAN unique rinse function, in the whirlpool-type flushing accelerated down, keep the bass flushing environment, breaking the traditional toilet skirt flush, to achieve the "quality" of the break.

17 Aluminum foil sensing heating design

18The combination of technology and health