Industry advantage01

In the smart bathroom industry, the establishment of Zhixuan brand in 2009, the course of seven years, R & D team has 20 years. Domestic bathroom industry to small and medium-sized brands, the top few brands occupy less than the overall market share of 15%. From the maturity of the development of the industry point of view, it is not difficult to predict the future to lead the development of the industry is bound to be similar Zhixuan set design, research and development, production and sales in one of the professional smart bathroom business.

branded advantages02

Since its inception, Zhixuan has launched nearly a dozen innovative technologies, some of which are representative of the industry's high-tech content, the original high-tech ceramic valve technology, is to obtain national patent technology, and wisdom in the high-tech ceramic valve technology Based on the solenoid valve two-way drive technology.

Advertising advantage03

ZXUAN that I in the central, well-known TV and other television media prime-time, in the country's influential airport, high-speed rail stations, high-speed road signs and other high-end outdoor advertising location brand advertising, and Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and other sites and Move new media for deep cooperation. Generous all-round brand advertising, and constantly remind Zhixuan brand awareness and reputation, for the franchisee to provide a strong brand support

Management advantage04

ZXUAN is the smart bathroom industry vane, professional operation and management team, responsible for the national terminal franchise chain management, through the marketing management functions sink, build shop, training, marketing, logistics and other service functions front, fully protect the franchisee Store management operations.

Production advantage05

ZXUAN production base is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Fenghua, 2016 in May to spend 80 million to buy 60 acres of new plant, construction area of 40,000 square meters. The leading modern standard factory buildings, in pursuit of the spirit of the perfect craftsmen to create a viable product. To meet the customer's privacy, the pursuit of sensory enjoyment and practical needs.

Channel advantage06

ZXUAN in the country has hundreds of stores, a number of sales outlets, has formed a large scale of intelligent bathroom effect. Based on the consolidation of the market position, Zhixuan electric business rapid development, for the wisdom of the conquering pool, rapid expansion provides a strong support.

service advantage07

ZXUAN global hotline 400 a 926 a 1002, to provide all-weather all-round after-sales protection. Zhixuan to provide "excellent quality" service concept to "24-hour service, 360-degree service satisfaction" for the service standards, to provide consumers with pre-sale, sale, sale one-stop seamless service, to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction aims.

  • 01

    On development

    On development

    The company set up R & D team in 91 years, and domestic and foreign technology companies to jointly research and development, in 2009 formally established "wisdom Xuan", the brand history is only 7 years, research and development team has 20 years, the company has been foreign trade, OEM (OEM) Main, for a lot of large and medium-sized domestic and foreign, single product smart brand OEM, 2015 Zongjing Ban decided to own flagship brand "Zhixuan", the establishment of Chi Hing sales elite team. 16 years have participated in the Shanghai International Kitchen and toilet exhibition, the brand quickly over the country.

  • 02

    On strength

    On strength

    ZXUAN is the only one smart toilet listed companies

  • 03

    On products

    On products

    ◆ Internal parts are all imported      ◆ Original patented triangular valve

    ◆ International brand Taiwan Chi Mei ABS cover      ◆ Lifetime free spare parts

    ◆ Patented pressurized valve (domestic second to none)      ◆ With eighteen cutting-edge technology

    ◆ High temperature ceramic body, 8 layer glazed, 1280 ° high temperature firing

    ◆ "China Intelligent Bathroom Association" recommended产品

    ◆ 20 years of research and development process, professional, specific, special

    ◆ The only one of the main health, environmental protection, service enterprises

    ◆ Ceramic valve patented technology + battery valve two-way control, the industry only

    ◆ Increase the performance of high-performance chip (the only one to purchase the United States Fairchild technology companies high-performance chip domestic companies)

  • 04

    On the scale

    On the scale

    ZXUAN company covers an area of more than 40,000 square feet, is currently the largest smart toilet manufacturing base

  • 05

    R & D

    R & D

    Since its inception, R & D speed ahead of the industry

  • After-sales service, outlets throughout the country

    The country's 23 provinces have more than 1,000 customer service outlets, service network radiation throughout the country

    Service objectives: "Customer satisfaction is the pursuit of life Hin-chi, consumer efforts to achieve" zero customer complaints "
    service standards:" strive to perfect the ultimate "
    services:" Users every little thing is our wisdom Hin's event "

    Free home installation, 1000 service outlets Bao Long after sale without excellent

    Full store guide services

    Shop will be successful ten points, the whole process to help dealers to complete

    · Confident: fully believe that the products they operate are the best

    · Understand: very understanding of the products sold and brand-related circumstances, to understand the local market situation

    · Network: the industry to establish a better network

    · Team: Have a team that matches the shop

    · Incentive: The incentive policy is the team's gas station

    · Target: year, year, month, week, set the implementation of the target, and then an analysis of the implementation of the people

    · Promotion: brand marketing strategy, in the local market to develop a brand operation program

    · Activities: both save money and do not ask people to do activities independently

  • Brand image to enhance support

    Brand image to enhance support

    ZXUAN has invested heavily in a number of areas into the light box advertising, the future want to invest in advertising on the Beijing-Guangzhou line, from a higher level to enhance the brand image.

  • Market maintenance support

    Market maintenance support

    ZXUAN regularly on the key regional building materials market, building materials Street, stores and other resources for maintenance and maintenance, to help agents get more local resources, and constantly expand the scale and distribution shop, to maximize profits.

  • Material support

    Material support

    Opening activities, the Union activities, the company will be based on the actual situation to provide a series of activities such as planning support.

  • Special product support

    Special product support

    Partners need to support the activities, Zhixuan according to the actual situation, to provide partners with special product support, the market will be deployed in the market elite in person guidance.

  • Opening support

    Opening support

    Where to join the wisdom of intelligent bathroom, the company provides a full range of business support, including marketing support, personnel training, store management.

  • After-sales service support

    After-sales service support

    Zhixuan to achieve the entire headquarters to guide agents technical problems, regular training and team building, so that consumers worry-free use.

  • Area protection support

    Area protection support

    ZXUAN to achieve regional exclusive franchise policy, regional protection, highlight the competitive advantage, to protect the franchisee income, the greatest degree of risk reduction.

  • Booth support

    Booth support

    New store opening, the first order full of quantitative, patented booth design and test platform support.

  • Activity guidance support

    Activity guidance support

    Activities planning, sales card training.

  • Advertising support

    Advertising support

    The company has three advertising vehicles, dealers can do with the activities of fixed-point, mobile publicity.

  • Store decoration support

    Store decoration support

    ZXUAN for the franchisee to provide the system, store image design, decoration guidance, the cost of subsidies and many other support, so that dealers rest assured that peace of mind, peace of mind.

  • Store management training support

    Store management training support

    From time to time to the shopping guide, the manager to focus on training.